Weekend Roundup: 8 Tutorials for Coloring Techniques

Welcome to Weekend Roundup, where I gather up all of my craftaholic tendencies and give you the best of what I find. This week, coloring techniques! Because sj and I have been coloring up a storm and it’s fun as hell, but also I like to be good at things so I’ve been trying to get better at colored pencils.

(What, you say? It’s Monday, you say? I’m a little late, yes, but better late than never!)

First: A tutorial about blending that I found really helpful. It covers five different methods of blending that anybody can do.

Check out this tutorial from DeviantArt user wysoka if you want some tips on how to color and shade fabrics.

Also, this rad tutorial on coloring in gemstones. Those gemstones look so great and I want to color all the gems now.

But if you’re more into pearls, this tutorial’s got you covered:

Craftsy has a list of colored pencil techniques that you can try, including a sweet wax resist technique called “indenting.”

How to use pastels to fill in a background on a coloring page:

Tuts+ teaches us the two-layer technique for blending realistic and out-of-the-box colors.

An extremely detailed skin tutorial from Carol Moore: Part 1 and Part 2.

What are your favorite coloring techniques? Drop me a comment and let me know.