Weekend Roundup: Tutorials and Tips To Help You Start Embroidering Today

Welcome to Weekend Roundup, where I go down a rabbit hole of craft addition and resurface with a bunch of tutorials and tips articles on a theme. This week is one of my fave new hobbies, embroidery. I’m not that great at it yet, but I’m enjoying the heck out of it; even better, it’s really inexpensive to add to your craft arsenal! How many crafts can you say that about?

First, you need supplies. Check out this list of 5 Things You Need To Know About Hand Embroidery Needles from Needle ‘n’ Thread. Craftsy has a great post about different kinds of embroidery thread and tips on choosing a fabric (if you’re a beginner, stretchy fabric might not be the best route).

A hoop is handy, too–here’s a video on using one!

I love YouTube videos. In fact, here’s another one, this time about basic embroidery stitches:

If that went by too fast, never fear. Sublime Stitching has hand embroidery tutorials to get you started. (You can also find lots on YouTube by searching the stitch you want to learn. The stitch lexicon at Pumora will help you figure out the names of different stitches!)

Learn how to anchor your threads, too. There’s a backstitch method demonstrated by Natalie Richards on YouTube, or learn to weave your threads and go knot-free with this tutorial from Penguin & Fish.

Purl Soho has 2-color stitching techniques if you want to get a little more advanced (but not too intense).

Ready to start a real-deal pattern? The Spruce tells you five ways you can transfer that pattern onto your fabric. Sarah Homfray has a more detailed prick and pounce tutorial on YouTube:

Glam up your embroidery: Stitch School teaches us how to add beads to embroidery. The Spruce talks about ways to add sequins and other types of beads. And Sarah Homfray has a video series on goldwork that teaches about adding metallic elements that like pearl purl, which is a coil of wire that looks like gold beads.

If you think you’d be into thread painting, here’s a tutorial from Trish Burr on long and short stitch shading to get you started:

Once you finish up that hoop, you can head over to Sew Mama Sew and see how to finish it up for hanging.