I’m a woman in my 30s who isn’t the best at traditional anything. I’m bad at following directions and I’m even worse at being normal. I live with three cats, my husband, and my husband’s brother in our first purchased home (as of 2016, the year we bought our house).

I like to make stuff. I’m that person who will spend more to make a thing than I will to buy it premade. I have a trove of craft supplies for more projects than I can reasonably ever complete.

Some of my favorite crafting supplies:
Swarovski crystals
jump rings for chainmaille
embroidery floss (so many colors)
colored pencils
gold spray paint
did I mention glitter?
essential oils

sj is a homeschooling momma of four whose only hobby until recently was reading.  Since she’s pushing 40, this came as an alarming realization.

She likes things that are pink and sparkly, faeries and also stuff that’s gory af.  Colouring is her new jam, but she’s also trying to branch out into crafty type things that her 6y/o pressures her to try.