Weekend Roundup: Get Your Macramé On

The blog has been quiet since I went on vacation last week, but I’ve been Pinterest-ing up a storm and I have a new obsession: fiber arts, up to and including macramé. I’ve dabbled in it previously–a former roommate taught me some basic knots for making jewelry–but I find myself wanting now to make big wall hangings or plant hangers. Here are the tutorials I’ve found along the way.

First, you can learn some basic knots from Red Heart or from Stonebrash Creative. These knots make up the foundation of your macramé products.

One project I know I want to make ASAP is this macramé herb garden from Sow & Dipity:

Or I might make these colorful quick plant hangers from Brit & Co out of t-shirt material (I so want all of the colors):

Crafty Patti on YouTube has a good tutorial for a wall-hanging that taught me some knots I didn’t already know!

I’m also looking real hard at these dip-dyed, lacy wall hangings from Green Wedding Shoes:

If you want to work smaller, upgrade your watchband with this tutorial from SMP Craft (changing a watch band is really, really easy and a great way to perk up a watch–I used to do watch repairs and battery changes as a job):

Or make this bracelet along with Macrame School:

Or go simpler with these really pretty macramé bracelets from Honestly WTF:

And Scissors and Steam made a dope reusable produce bag:

I love this macramé trivet from We Are Scout. It’s super minimalist and just classy AF. Probably too classy for me.

You can 100% incorporate macramé into your wardrobe, too. Check this racerback tank from Trash To Couture:

Which you can wear while you lounge in your macramé hammock:

Go forth and knot, friends.

All images belong to the associated sites.

Author: Susie

Writer, dreamer, ice cream maven, lover of all things sparkly.

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