Coloring Gear Review: LJY 5-Pack Assorted Floral Pen Holder/Pencil Pouch for Coloring

I bought some adorable pencil pouches on Amazon for $7.99. Were they too cheap to be good? Let’s find out.


I was not paid to review these. Any reviews may contain affiliate links in which I make money for sharing if you buy a thing but in which you do not pay any extra for goods.

I bought these pencil pouches from the AMZ for $7.99 (you can find them right here) because I am a sucker for floral patterned anything. 100% of the dresses I own–well, besides that one polka dot one I didn’t return in time and I’m stuck with–are floral print dresses. I would have a lot more floral prints in the house, but I live with two men* and there’s only so far I can push my luck.

*I’m only married to one of them. The other is my brother-in-law. Nothing** kinky happening here.

**Nothing insofar as living with two guys, anyway. I won’t confirm or deny anything else.

I also bought these because I wanted more storage for coloring media. I had been using a Verizon case that I got free at an event to hold my gel pens; this case 1) is really uggo and 2) spills pens everywhere every time I open it, so it wasn’t going to be a good long term solution. I also wanted to take my colored pencils out of the plastic clamshell accordion case they came in, because it, too, threatens to spill out pencils if I’m not very diligent in making sure I open it the right way.

I made a short video review if you want to hear my thoughts on these pouches. I will also continue my text review below.

In case you didn’t or can’t watch the video, here are the highlights:

  • About as cheaply made as you’d expect at 5 for $7.99, but sturdy enough. Zippers a little flimsy but not the flimsiest.
  • Pens fit nicely. Pencils? Not so much; the pencils have to be jammed in a bit. They’re just a little short for full-length colored pencils; I would be worried about the tips grinding or breaking. I tried both cheap and expensive brands and none fit that great.
  • How many pens fit? For the cheap gel pens I had–the kind that come in big, inexpensive sets–I could fit in exactly 19. I tried 20 but the 20th pen was pushed out when I closed the zipper. Also, shout-out to my uggo Verizon case that made an appearance at the very end.

Verdict: Cute, good for travel and pens, not so good for a colored pencil collection (unless they’re unusually short or very used).

This is also my first post! So hello! you might know me from other sites such as Book Riot or Insatiable Booksluts; you might not know me at all and that’s fine, because we’re meeting now. My plans for this space are some product reviews, some DIY tutorials, some quick tips, and whatever else I can dream up that I think people might like.  If you have any requests, holler at me.

Also, if you like coloring? I made a Books and Tea coloring page recently at Book Riot that you can totally print out for free. Click right here for a page that all my friends said didn’t suck at all.


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